Burgundy border photograph

This is one of the prettiest borders at the moment, if small.   Every year we struggle with it to make it better, and at the moment we are feeling pleased with it.     There is less changing of plants, Valerian Pyrenacium  dominating at the moment.    You see this plant a lot at Chelsea, which for the first time in years I am not going to this year but going to Chatsworth instead.    Valerian Pyrenacium has a soft green leaf, quite tall, and a very soft pink fuzzy flower at the top.    It seeds mildly which is handy, I love plants that do this as it makes the whole thing look more natural.   Last year we took out Miscanthus sinensis Cabaret as it has just got too huge and wide, and have substituted it with Miscanthus Morning Light, which is more graceful with a much thinner leaf.   We have repeated with three of these running round the border.       At the moment it is full of Camassias and Allium Globemaster, one of the best, and even dies well.     Last week it poured with rain almost every day, but this evening is a lovely evening, and tomorrow we have 54 Australians coming.     We have just come back from Mostyn, where finally they are mending the ancient greenhouse which is very exciting, and they opened for the garden scheme for the first time and got 1,500 people, so morale was very high!     Dominic and Hetty were staying, with their two sons Arthur and George, and they all went to the beach at Prestatyn and brought back shells and jelly fish in a little coffee cup.      They loved Tensing and Temba.

I have got my first cousin coming from America this week which I am looking forward to, in fact a lot of Americans next weekend.     I love Americans as they are so enthusiastic.


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