Heatwave for bank holiday weekend, 27th May, 2017

Looking out of the kitchen window in the shade our thermometer reads 80 degrees which is hot for England at this time of year.     I have been bending over a lot cutting the flowers off my Hellebores,  as I don’t really want them to seed.    We have very good Hellebores, starting off with Elizabeth Strangman’s and moving on to Ashwood Nursery which is within reach of my garden.      We already have quite a few seedlings, and while I am bending over I spot an Iris called Iris Graminea, which flowers right at the base of the plant and smells sweet.     This is a species Iris that I planted years ago as an edging to a path wending its way through the border.       Yesterday James and I went to a party at the Museum of Garden History in Lambeth, which is a really attractive venue.     We have given them a tile for their garden room, which was a clever idea of how to raise money for the museum.      Then we listened to a lot of people making speeches about their tiles, some were better than others, Stephen Lacey spoke very well which was to be expected.     I can see myself going there if there are any tempting lectures.      The members of the Museum of Garden History came here last week, but it was a huge downpour, and I felt so sorry for them all.

We have got Gardeners World coming here in about six weeks, with Adam Frost who has been on television a lot during the Chelsea Flower Show.        This is an excitement as we have never been on television before.       Valerian phu aurea is in full flower, and smells lovely as you brush past it.       Polly is busy planting  Dahlias, I hope they will not be decimated by slugs as they were last year.      The Camassias  are all going over, and the creamy white ones are about to flower, they are called Camassia leichtlinii semi-plena.   I think they are almost my favourite.      The other one I love is the pale blue called Electra, which has flowers twice as large as other Camassias.       The other pale blue flower is something called Amsonia Hubrichtii, whose leaves turn a beautiful golden colour in the Autumn.


2 thoughts on “Heatwave for bank holiday weekend, 27th May, 2017

  1. How exciting to have GW coming! Your garden will surely be a hit. We can’t wait to come in June! I’ll bring plenty of American enthusiasm 🙂
    -Julie Witmer

  2. Oh I do hope we get to see the Gardeners World programme over here in NZ. We get the programmes but at present we only have “the best of GW” … Hope its a fab day for you. First week of winter for us so time for pruning roses and putting the garden to bed for a while 🙂

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