3rd June, overall comments on the garden

In the Klimt border we now have planted four delphiniums.     Rosemary Brock has been there a long time, and Alice Artindale went in last year and has the reputation for being difficult!      She does not look difficult at the moment and has got huge.     I wonder if the dry  Spring has stopped the slugs grazing off the delphiniums even if one has scattered a few slug pellets.     Another one went in this year called Tiddles which I saw in Syblle Kreutzberger’s garden, and the other newcomer is Gillian Dallas.        Two new roses I have planted near them in the par terre is Burgundy Ice.       They have not taken off much yet, but I hope they will.   I have a strange fascination with delphiniums, partly because they are definitely unacommodating (with me that is).      I wonder why they are all womens names.

A new intersectional peony has just come out, under the name of Barzella.     It is the most mouthwatering yellow I have ever seen.     I am thinking of getting another.     We bought 3 peony stands, not enough, I shall have to get three more next year.     We had some delphinium stands delivered,  gigantic, but when the delphiniums were inside them they looked all right.      The roses are mostly flowering, I think my favourite is Rhapsody in Blue, which is up the wall of the garage facing the greenhouse.      Yesterday I went with my friend Lindy to see the new huge borders at Kew.      I was bowled over, and will go back again, and came away with two new ideas.        Lindy lives on Kew Green, with a garden that gets far more visitors than I have ever had.       I have told my younger son Thomas to go and take Nicholas.      

Last week we had Adderbury garden club, with a clematis expert called Mike.      It was in the evening when the light is so much kinder, and they finished the evening by clapping me and Polly.        We ended up by feeling quite euphoric.      Clematis can join the club by not being totally straightforward.        The funny thing is that you definitely get more satisfaction by managing to grow something that is not easy.


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