20 May, 2017

We have been away in France, and then to the Chatsworth Flower Show, which had rather too much walking for my liking.     It seems silly to complain about this, as how could you beat Chatsworth itself, now etched out in gold, which I loved,  the setting and the huge cascade in the middle of trees.     It was a beautiful day, nothing like as hot as now, and in one of the tents I discovered Binny Plants, and Kevock Plants.      I have been ordering several Peonies on line from Binny Plants last year, and next year am going to stay with my friend Anna Buxton in Edinburgh to see them in the flesh!       

At the moment we have cut the long grass down the bottom, which we call the Botticelli meadow, and the Autumn Border is coming into its own.       Neil cuts the meadow with an Allen scythe, but it is hard work, and then all needs raking up.     Last weekend we went to stay with Victoria Wakefield at Bramdean and  it was almost at its best.      When I learn how to put photos from my new camera on to the I Pad,  I will put on a couple.    We took our two dogs Tensing and Temba who luckily behaved well, though Tensing shot in the back door, unfortunately growling at our host Hady Wakefield!         All our roses have been flowering for some time, and our new one Burgundy Ice is mouth watering.     Here everyone loves Rhapsody in Blue, which won every award.    My favourite plants at the moment are Diascia Personata, given me by Sibylle Kreutzberger, typically fantastic, and I dont usually like diascias.     It is tall and seems to be perpetually flowering.      The other given me by Karen Abel Smith is Campanula Misty Spires, grows in difficult spaces and has an AGM.       It is also very tall.   As Polly says Karen never gives us duds!


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