5th July, 2017, Gardeners World coming tomorrow

Polly and I have been thinking of little else than getting the garden under control.    Though only one acre and a half it is amazing how much effort and time goes into, what has been called ‘my little patch’.     On Sunday James and I went to a gardening literary festival at the Duke of Buccleugh’s home, Boughton, with the garden,Orpheus, done by Kim Wilkie.     It was a pretty memorable day, with Tim Richardson, the Bannermans,  and several other famous gardeners including Roy Strong, Michael Heseltine. Etc, and Roy Lancaster.      We both loved it.

This has been a hot summer, all in all, and I am amazed how well the garden has stood up to it.     No snails, thank goodness, as I remember being in despair with the dahlias last year.      The Euphorbias have held on pretty well, and that lime green colour gives a jolt to any border.     The roses are over and waiting for their second flush, which I am pleased about as when they are flowering they seem to dominate the garden.      I cant say that I dont enjoy them, but I look on them as big blobs of colour.     One of my favourite plants, Digitalis  Ferruginea, is flowering, and it is totally beautiful and very subtle.    Cotinus coggyria ‘Old Fashioned’, has an acquamarine leaf,  with a pinky new growth, well worth growing.       I first read about it, in maybe House and Garden by Clare Foster.     The Achilleas are doing very well this year, as they don’t always come though the Winter, but are worth persevering with, for the colours and the flatness of the flower.     We have now completely got used to the huge Ash coming out,  opening up the garden a lot, and both the Klimt and the Burgundy border are doing a lot better.    James is coming down this evening, which is very unusual, and wont really like his house being invaded by a gardening club,  but there is always Wimbledon to keep him happy.


3 thoughts on “5th July, 2017, Gardeners World coming tomorrow

  1. Lovely entry. In Cornwall without much signal so haven’t seen the pictures yet. Hereabouts the hydrangeas very dominant and I dare say that would not impress you! There are always the wild fuchsias though to save the day!

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  2. As a member of the aforementioned Gardening Club, we were most grateful to you all for your hospitality. An exquisite garden and I look forward to attending the Clive Nichols workshop in Sept.

  3. Loved your blog Gina – and beautiful photographs. Very jealous of the Boughton Garden Lit Fest. Do you think there will be one next year? Might make a change from sculpture in churches, I would love to go if so xxDizi

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