Gardeners World with Adam Frost , 6 th July 2017

At 8 o clock on Thursday morning, Adam Frost and a team of four camera assistants arrived to film Pettifers on Gardeners World which is being shown at 7 o’clock on 11 August on BBC2 Gardeners World.     It was a very hot day, and everything started at 8  and continued to 6.     We were all very tired by the end of it, but it seemed very professional and impressive.     They could not have been sweeter, and I felt exhausted at the end.    I am quite pleased it is being shown so soon, as I thought it might have been next year.      The dogs behaved pretty well, as you never know with a lot of strange men, and it would have been embarrassing if Tensing had nipped someone in the ankle.

This weather has continued very hot and finally I have had to start watering with watering cans.   The Veronicastrums are wilting,  the new Dahlias certainly need  it, and any newly planted  things are crying out for it.     We have had Tom and Katy Sackville staying.   Tom is a direct descendant of Vita of Sissinghurst, and he has been sweet to help a lot with the watering.        I never thought I would grumble about this hot weather, but it puts a strain on the garden, though some of the plants have loved it, for example Eryngiums,  Cotinus, and the Roses.     The pots seem to need watering all the time.        The newly planted Kniphofia Painted Lady is already flowering, and looks rather beautiful, five of them are mixed in with Miscanthus Morning Light in the main border.     Lonicera Maacki  looks as if it is on the way out,  and I ask myself do I mind as I find it rather ungainly.      It is slightly annoying as we have struggled with it for a year.      The Klimt border looks beautiful as always.      We have two rabbits in the garden which is a bit of a blow as I dont know how on earth we are going to get rid of them.   I am trying to teach the dogs to chase them back into the paddock where they can do less damage!


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