July 17th, 2017

In a way it is quite interesting seeing what stands up to this exceptionally hot Summer.    I have not got in a panic yet but am watering with a watering can plants I think need it.   The Veronicastrums do not really like it and their leaves start drooping.     It is now that I appreciate the benefits of being a north facing garden.    For example we hardly see the sun on the main lawn in the depths of winter, and my favourite place is in the par terre down the bottom.         The dogs do not like it at all, and I am taking them to their hairdresser Peters Posh Pets in London this Thursday.       Next week we dont have many visitors,and we  will be cutting back flat all the Astrantias as not only do they turn brown but seed everywhere.      The stars of the garden at the moment are all the Eryngiums who have loved this weather.       Their deep blue stems are particularly amazing.       My deep red rose, Souvenir du Dr. Jamain, is putting on some new growth,  as various people including Helen Dillon say they find it really difficult.      Itea Illicifolia has never looked so good, and the Bupleurum Fruticosum is enormous.       They flower at the same time,   and are planted near each other.

The par terre is looking good as all the dahlias are beginning to flower, and the Agapanthus are flowering, not Windsor Grey or Quink Drops yet.       Someone said to me that people will not know for long what Quink Drops is.     I still like using ink, but always seem to get it all over me.       We planted the two new Wisteria up the front of the house, and James watered them a few days ago with the can used for poisoning!      I think we are alright as he washed it out a lot first before using it,   and I have been checking them!


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