22 July 2017, early morning after the first rain for two months

The light is already softer, and the garden looked transformed with drops of rain glistening  on every plant.         I think it is a waste of time putting the sprinkler on, and I tend to give a whole watering can to plants that are flagging.    This is hard work, but I make a mental resolve not to grow things that cannot cope with the situations  that are thrown at it.   Though we grumble, and talk about the weather a lot, we really have the best conditions.    It is certainly worth while looking up the forecast.      It is in Corfu that I find things really difficult, and it is a joy all the different things that I can grow here.      Agapanthus Quink Drops came from Graham Gough at Marchants Hardy Plants, and it is positively exciting to watch that plant open.       I still make the mistake of planting, say a Euphorbia, right next to a Molinia, early on, forgetting how big the Molinia is and is sucking up all the moisture from the ground.        When I look back to say twenty years ago, and all that seemed to be in the ground were stones and clay.      Really good nurseries like Avondale,  Brian Ellis, and Marchants Hardy Plants, both have gardens displaying the plants they sell.      It is time I went to see Graham again, as I miss the company of him and Lucy, and always learn a lot when we have lunch together.

I am still struggling with the Burgundy border, which will really have to change its name.    My favourite plant in that is the Glycyrrhiza Yunnanensis, needless to say suggested by Graham,  and is doing so well at the bottom of a slope on a sharp corner.      I am now going to take out of that border, Miscanthus Cabaret, getting huge and the bottom 3 foot of it all bare and brown.    Not attractive.      I am toying with putting in Phlomis Russelliana mainly because it has real structure, and looks good with marvellous seed heads for a very long time.      This is not burgundy, but I find that if you have a theme with a border it helps things along.        All in all, and with Polly’s extremely hard work, I am thrilled with the garden this year.     You will be pleased to hear that although James watered our new Wisterias  with the poisoning can, they are thriving!


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