The use of the colour yellow

I have often heard people groan and say that they find yellow difficult.      I find this difficult to understand as to my mind it is an uplifting colour in the same way that red is.   We are now entering one of the main periods of yellow in the garden, with Heleniums,  Rudbeckias,  Euphorbias with their more acid yellow,  Hemerocallis etc.     Certain Heleniums, Luc,  and Sahins Early Flower will flower for almost three months if you dead head it.      For the first time I have planted Achillea Gold Plate, I cant think why I have waited so long.     I was reminded of it in the huge borders at Kew where it looked marvellous.      If it is a success  I will make more room for it in the Autumn border where I am going to remove some of the Sanguisorbas, where they are making too much leaf and too little flower.      Some more Sanguisorbas are going to come out in the Reine des Violettes border for exactly the same reason.      I wont do this until I am happy what is going to go there instead.      I wonder if they have got their roots down properly, as they have all died back at the base, not a good sign.       Don’t accept gifts of plants, unless the person is like Sibylle Kreutzberger, who gives you a star.     I have just dug up an Euonymus that was given to me.     It was in the Autumn border and had such thick matted roots that none of my herbaceous plants would have stood a chance.

Tensing is doing what my friend Dysie calls his intermittent bark, quite dreadful, and there is a terrible smell of muck spreading, where it is going on I dont quite know.       Even James who has no sense of smell at all, is commenting on it.      The Lonicera Maacki, has died back, half of it, and I am fed up with it.     It is going to come out, and I think I will put two Cotinus Flames in instead.     I first saw this plant beside the water at Ninfa, not cut back and looking very romantic.


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