Prosilio, 2017

Yesterday the whole of the left side of the house shook with a large noise.     Needless to say it was an earthquake.       In all the 24 years I have been coming here I have never heard that.      The other excitement was that a huge grass snake, about five foot long, was discovered in the gutter of the swimming pool, and then killed.     Thank goodness it did not rear its head up when I was swimming or I would have had the most awful shock.       I still own a plot of buildable land which is next door to Thomas and Dominic’s house, and I would really like to sell it now.    It’s disadvantage is a large telegraph pole, or electricity pylon next to where you would build the house.    Now I have discovered that James has the key to the entrance gate we must go and have a look as to where the pole could be moved to.         He has been squirrelling it away for years.     ??




4 thoughts on “Prosilio, 2017

  1. Why did you kill the grass snake ? In my garden live some of them and there is no problem whatsoever.

    Kind regards


    • Our Greek wasp people did, and my husband James was cross and has mentioned it several times, it was all an unfortunate mistake, love Gina

  2. I’m wondering if you can tell me the width of the mature Glycyrrhiza and whether you think it would be possible to grow it from seed.

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