Catching up with September

I am still having trouble putting photographs on so you will have to bear with me.    A week ago we had Storm Aileen and large branches of both lime trees down the bottom crashed down.   The mess was bad, and Polly and Neil between them in two days cleared it all up, sawed up the trunks and burnt it.      Our magnolia tree, Spectrum, was decimated, which is a shame as it was mature and beautiful.    The plus point is that it has let a lot of light in at the beginning of the Autumn border, where we were going to replant anyway.     You now see the curves of the border in an attractive way,  and we were rethinking that end anyway.   James has always called that bit of the garden ‘the thicket’, and now that the trees and shrubs have grown he is right!     He quite often is right, it is annoying.

Considering that today is the 22nd September there is so much flowering, and it looks beautiful.   The new aster ‘Glow in the Dark’ is lovely, and will look more special next year, taller and it will have spread, with its dark stems and leaf.    I am going to take out a couple of my centaureas, too much leaf and too little flower.     I think I will replant with Calamagrostis El Dorado, they are so good for a long time, with lovely sunny foliage.        We have decided that next year we are not going to prune roses by just nipping the top off, it does not really work, and we are going to do what we did before by taking it down to a node.     The oil tank border (unglamorous name) is looking a lot better, things have filled out.       I am going to take out the pink sanguisorba, too dull looking, and Erigeron karvinskianus is making a carpet there.     The tall tripod with a gold ball on top, expensive, but gives good structure.     Not really expensive compared to things in the house.      I missed it but Polly said it was a beautiful misty morning.

Poor Tensing is still confined to his cage or enforced rest.     I do hope he is going to be alright.   All the dahlias are going strong down the bottom, and when I get to the bottom of the trouble with my photographs I will put some on.     My favourites are still Jescot Julie, and the Bishop of Auckland, like velvet, and the first Venetian.    I had not grown Bishop of Auckland before, and it has dark foliage.      I have talked about Jescot Julie before, it has different markings on the back.       We had a photographic workshop for Clive Nichols on tuesday.    I love having him in the village.


One thought on “Catching up with September

  1. So glad to be able to receive your blogs again. Really missed them. Sorry about the trees but lovely new opportunities. Trisha.
    PS Please tell Polly how much I am enjoying her articles.

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