Autumn at Pettifers, 10th October, 2017

The storm bringing down large chunks of the first two lime trees has had an unexpected bonus.  It has let a lot more light in, also with the loss of Magnolia Spectrum, and we are waiting to hear if we get permission to take down the two aforesaid lime trees which are now a very odd shape.      We will also take about 20 foot off the top of the third one.     We have enlarged the autumn border by about 3 foot starting from the gate to the first clump of Miscanthus Sinensis Yakushima dwarf.      Hardly dwarf, they are enormous.     You would not believe it but it has taken the main part of two days to double dig it, taking out roots of the Magnolia and the Prunus Serrula, and saving various narcissus that were there.      I was doing it yesterday (and enjoying it) but am feeling quite stiff today.     When we get permission, we hope, for the lime trees, we will hire a machine to grind out the roots of three small trees.     We are going to take out a Prunus Yedoense in the paddock, which is interfering with the beauty of Quercus cerris variegata.       We are going to take out Cotinus Grace which has been in for years, and suddenly seems to have developed a very unattractive wilt all over.      As I look at it directly from the kitchen and my bedroom, I could not bear it any longer,  and it just needs the stump digging out.

We had Mark Griffiths and Yoko to lunch on saturday, and as a result have moved several clumps of Sternbergia that are refusing to flower, after three or four years.      Mark thought I was giving them too rich soil, and when I think of. Corfu and them all growing in rocks and crevices, I think he is probably right.     They have at least increased a lot!      I even found them difficult to grow in Corfu, so we shall see.       The garden is looking beautiful and full of colour, but where would I be without asters and dahlias.     I wish more people would come and see it now.


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