7th November, 2017

A typical November day,  pretty bleak and cloudy in the morning, followed by rain in the afternoon which we badly needed.       All the colours in the garden are muted, several shades of green and brown, but the lay out is good, as is the structure.      Colour is provided by the berries of Malus Hupehensis, five tall trees down the left hand side of the garden, and the three Irish yews have had their tops clipped so they look like sentinels.      Polly has now finished all the clipping of the yew hedge, which I would describe as chunky.      She has tidied up and lifted the dahlias in the par terre, so it now looks clean, waiting for the tulips to be planted.      It is the same pattern as last year with the addition of tulip Black Bean.    I made a list on my i pad on Notes of my tulip plantings, and in some incomprehensible way they have all vanished.     Never mind Polly and I managed to work out what I had wanted to do.       The main border is going to be completely different from last year which is exciting.   The ferns have come into their own, I never cease to wonder why I took so long to like them.         Since going on Gardeners World in August I have been asked to do three lectures on the garden, and Clive is going to do a memory stick with me of his photos, which hopefully I will be able to talk round them.         Tensing is walking without hopping, which makes me very happy.       Part of this morning was spent digging out variegated mint, every bit as bad as the ivy.


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