It is wonderful to think that the days are slowly going to get longer. It is now very mild at the moment and several clumps of snowdrops are flowering. What a heralder of Spring they are, their bright little faces popping up in several of the beds. Near the house Polly has been mulching the beds with leaf mould, at the same time taking off the leaves of the hellebores which are all beginning to flower. The beds look so pristine, and a relief to look at after all the bright colours we enjoy throughout the rest of the year.

Tomorrow Thomas is driving me and Nicholas up to Shropshire to stay with Dominic and Hetty and their two children, George and Arthur, who have a house near Ludlow, which has the most beautiful castle. The two dogs are coming too, probably in the car with James. We shall. be the most awful squish, but I am so looking forward to it, James and I are going to go to Madrid for a week after Christmas, and then in January I am giving two lectures at neighbouring garden clubs. Clive has taken a lot of time and trouble doing me a memory stick of all the best photos of my garden. He took some lovely ones this year, so they are fairly up to date. The last lot had a two page spread in Country Life and featured on how we used alliums in the borders. All the tulips have been safely planted, and the new colour schemes are exciting. Goodness there is a lot to look forward to next year!



  1. Have a wonderful Christmas, the garden sounds so beautiful. Here in the Antipodes I’ve been to the market this morning to buy apricots and salad components, as we are suffering a lack of water …a Christmas in NZ is lilies, roses, impatiens, barbecues, freshly picked corn and peas and new potatoes!!! And mass family gatherings. Not a snowdrop or hellebore in sight! Stay safe and looking forward to 2018. Arohanui Lynne

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