24th January, 2018

Finally my Word Press is working again, though Colin, Polly’s other half, said there was nothing wrong with it (he always says that and I have been struggling with it for ages, and it makes me quite cross.’ The two lime trees are down and the roots ground out, and slowly they will be put on the compost heaps. This was a big job and Polly and Neil worked very hard. It all looks very different down the bottom. We suspect that it is mice eating the heads off my special snowdrops in the paddock. Infuriating, and we dont think it is rabbits this time. ,It is now very mild again, like 50 degrees, and we have started work on turning one of the stables into two loos. My main job seems to be to stop Tensing from biting the two very nice workmen, he bit one last year, and give them lots of cups of coffee. We are having to lift the big stone sets, enormous, to run a pipe underneath to the main drain. Then I went off yesterday to Topps Tiles to chose the tiles for the floor. It was Charcoal in the end, non slip, and we are going to move the manger to put flowers in, James says I will never do it! We are sinking in a large coir mat as you walk in, inset, so that you can lift it out and shake it. We dont want to be spending all our time mopping the floor! This was all Polly’s idea and it is a good one. Polly is working hard cutting back the Klimt border, which she has nearly finished, She weeds it and fluffs it up at the same time, those are her words for it..

All the Allliums are coming up. Allium Globemaster is everywhere in the Burgundy border, I think it is the best and dies well, L’Ambassadeur, which has pink tips on the end of the leaf, but does not increase like Globemaster. Allium Purple Sensation, the most prolific of the lot and we culled it a lot last year, so much so that we had to fill in the gaps, not always very successfully. I gave a lecture on the garden the other day, and someone said that they were sure a garden like us never made mistakes. I replied that we made them all the time, how do you ever learn otherwise. When we filled in the holes for Purple Sensation, we put in a centaurea. It was too large and too shy flowerer, so it has already come out. Most of our aconites are flowering and I am about to do something quite obvious, place some of the golden aconites next to the dark purple hellebores. They look beautiful together.


One thought on “24th January, 2018

  1. All sounds very busy and exciting. Hope Polly managing while you laid low. Still, It must all look lovely from your bed room. X

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