14th March, 2018

You have not heard from me for a long time, as I have been in hospital with pneumonia. Anyway I am back at home and feeling a lot better, and after all the snow had melted a Spring garden is emerging, and the days feel a lot longer. Thank goodness as I always hate the Winter and feel a new person when shoots are pushing up through the ground. After all the cold and ice all the Hellebores seem to be flourishing, especially my new white one Purity which came from Ashwoods Nursery. In the Spring border, facing the kitchen, we have taken out a lot of the Bergenias and planted quite a large yew dome instead, which looks much better. Do I really like Bergenias I ask myself. The Cotinus Grace died (it was very old and we used to cut it hard every year). All the ivy is off the back of the wall and top of the wall, a vast improvement. A triumphal arch is beginning to emerge (my Christmas present from James). My first species tulips are flowering, Tulip Clusiana, they come up every year, and increase. All the snowdrops seem to have doubled up and are still flowering. I do divide them when I remember, and the golden one, Primrose Warburg, I think is much more vigorous than Wendys Gold. James has gone skiing, and I am already missing him. On my birthday, I am hoping that both my sons and grandchildren are coming to stay. Dominic has got a new job and is going to be quite a lot closer which I am pleased about, near Salisbury. My Cornus Mas is flowering and looks so delicate, I love it, thank goodness for the Winter flowering things. Looking out of the kitchen window to my horror I saw a rabbit in the main border, its white tail bobbing around, and the squirrels are breeding furiously. I dont like either in this garden. My Magnolias in the paddock seem to have masses of buds on them which I am excited by. All the fritillaries are pushing up like mad, I hope I see them before we go to Corfu. The Epimediums have been cut down by Polly, and we have to sort out the Autumn Border which we have widened since Magnolia Spectrum was felled by the two lime trees.


6 thoughts on “14th March, 2018

  1. So sorry to hear you were so I’ll with pneumonia. But sounds like you are pretty much recovered now and delighting in all the new growth and harbingers of Spring. Exciting. Love Pennant xx

  2. So sorry to hear that you have been so sick. Pneumonia makes you feel exhausted and I am glad you are recovering. Spring is a wonderful season of renewal. Hope you have a fabulous birthday with your children and grandchildren. Love Vickie

  3. That explains your absence!! Glad you are on the mend. I was so looking forward to “snow” photos and those gorgeous snowdrops. The garden sounds renewed and refreshed, take their advice and heal well, and rest to renew. Chicken corn and noodle soup with freshly grated ginger is what you would enjoy. If I wasn’t 12000km away I’d make you some. Here our Forest Pansy is just thinking of making autumn colour, my dahlias are fab, and my feijoas are nearly ready to plop off the tree. Bergenias?? Lovely until a frost!!! Yours in gardening, from Autumn in N.Z Lynne

  4. I am rerally sorry that you have been sick..but now you are back home and your garden will change your mind and comfort you.

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