8th May, Pettifers in the early Spring

The Triumphal Arch and the Gents Loos are finished, though Polly and I agree we hardly ever get any men to come round the garden! Why? We are having Dan Hinckley later on this year! Today is another idyllic day, whether it will last is another matter. The tulips are hanging on, I cant think how, and the new Wisteria is flowering out the front, with a really lovely scent. This Saturday, we have our first two groups, Swedish, and the Oxfordshire Arts Fund. This year seems to be our best tulip year, and I am very pleased with it, the colour combinations are good. We have some nice ones out the front, called Eyecatcher, which are Viridiflora. A lot of the best ones seem to be Viridiflora. You should look them up on line, and they flower a long time. The Malus Transitoria are at their best in the paddock, and Malus Hupehensis are beginning to flower, with a slightly larger flower. The camassias and the pheasant eye narcissus are all at their best.


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