Saturday, and people round the garden for the first time, and still able to pick tulips,

We had a group from Sweden sent from Broughton Grange, head gardener Andrew, they clapped at the beginning of Polly’s speech, and as she pointed out should have clapped at the end as they has not yet seen the garden. At the end of going round it poured with rain, but they adored it, and talked about coming back next year. What a difference it makes to all of us if they like it, as a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. The good weather has come back, and it is all looking beautiful, Polly is weeding and sorting out the Autumn Border. We have made a few changes there, taken out the roses, and put in some more herbaceous perennials, monardas, rudbeckias, and anemone whirlwind. My new favourite plant is monardas, the colours and the smell when you touch it. James says the garden is finished, but quite wrong, what garden is ever finished. Polly and I want to go to Avondale again, but Thomas is coming down tomorrow, so I see it waiting for a bit. All the peonies are starting to flower, and E Modi is especially beautiful, given me by Karen Abel Smith. Next weekend we have the Royal Wedding, which we are all agog about, especially the wedding dress. Megan says her favourite is peonies. I wish we could get rid of our mixi rabbit.

Polly and I have walked round the garden together discussing what tulips to order for next year. Now is the time to do it, and we often do not do it at the right time, we leave it too late. Kniphofia Painted Lady is only just coming up in the main border.


5 thoughts on “Saturday, and people round the garden for the first time, and still able to pick tulips,

  1. Your last two blogs have had no content, just the title and advertisements. Never had the latter previously. Feel I am missing out. Hope back to normal soon.

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