10th May, Spring is still continuing with lovely weather

I was up early this morning, and down in the paddock looking at the peonies. The magnolia Lilliflora Nigra is in full flower, and is now a very good shape with a lot of blossom on. The tulips are nearly over, and unfortunately there is a group coming to see the garden tomorrow hoping to see the tulips and there is not very many left. We. Have got the lovely weather back, though not so hot, and I hope Thomas is coming to see me tomorrow but he has just rung to say he has been burgled in Acton with the door kicked in. Everything has come into leaf, including the Cotinus Flame, and Camassias are all flowering, except the pale cream one, the best being Electra which is a very pale blue one. Yesterday Philip came to see me, and Caro d’Erlanger who had seen my same Greek doctor at the Lister, who told her that her pain control was not good enough. Polly is working hard on weeding the Autumn Border, which is looking a lot more exciting without the roses, and some more Monardas. These are my current favourites, along with peonies, which is also the favourite of Meghan. Everyone is talking about the wedding, and agog to see her wedding dress. One of the reasons for my love for monardas is the smell, and the colour.


2 thoughts on “10th May, Spring is still continuing with lovely weather

  1. How beautifully your garden does grow.
    So sorry to hear about Thomas’s burglary.

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