19th May, Harry and Meghan wedding, and a beautiful day

We have bought a new clematis called Prince William from Taylors Clematis, and it has gone where the Azara Microphylla Variegata has been taken out. The removal of the ivy has let in such a lot of light that plants are going to thrive instead of looking terrible. The placing of the pots in the curve where you come in from the blue gates, is better. For years I have made the mistake of having too small a pots, and this time we have two beautiful Italian Terracotta pots, and a huge one, with small ones from Whichford in front of them, mustard yellow and green. Italian Terracotta are the best place for pots, at least Polly and I think that, though you must take them in the Winter. In one large one I have an Astelia, taken back from my friend Karen Abel Smith, and in the very large one 3 dahlias. The small ones have been planted up with Salvias, one of them Hannah which is pink and orange. Rather like Ferns, it has taken me ages to like Salvias though I prefer them in pots rather than in my borders. Having them in borders, I find their flowers are too small on the whole. At the moment I am cutting the stalks off the dead tulips, leaving on the leaves which is what Christopher Lloyd said to do. Yesterday was the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan, and the whole thing was pretty spectacular and moving. Polly and I went on Thursday to Avondale Nursery,

and bought a lot of plants. Goodness knows what I will do when he retires in a years time. We seem to have a lot of people coming next week, and I have asked Sybylle to lunch on next Sunday. I love her coming as she always makes such funny remarks, totally to the point. She then reminds me that it is my garden.

Last night I saw the rabbit sitting motionless in the middle of the lawn, and urged James to get his gun out. He refused. And said he was not a good shot anymore!

I tried to urge the dogs on to it, with total failure, I dont think they know what a rabbit is. I shall have to go back to Neil, who is usually totally dependable. I will watch out for it tonight.



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