22 May, 2018, Preparing for my trip to Mustique

It is six weeks since my hip operation, and life is improving. I am still not meant to bend down and that makes dead heading tulips impossible. I am longing to be able to do some gardening, but at least I can watch everything coming out. James is not able to come with me to Mustique as he has a case in Hong Kong, which is a shame. Goodness knows what clothes I will take as most of my summer things are in Corfu. Yesterday morning we had a group who had just got off a plane from the States, and they were a lot of fun. Americans are so enthusiastic, unlike the English who criticise our Spanish bluebells. Someone has e mailed about whether we would do a wedding, and the answer is No, though I have offered one to Dawn who works for me. She says her friends are too rough!

My Peonies are out in the paddock, and my huge three Julia Rose are flowering, with marvelous foliage and needing no support. They are a cross between a tree peony and an ordinary peony , and when I bought them were very expensive, £50 each, but flowered very quickly, in a couple of years. Their name is an Intersectional peony, or an Itoh peony. This week is Chelsea Flower Show week, but I cant go though I got tickets, never mind there is always next year. It is pretty good on the television, and Adam Frost is commentating a lot who came to see us on Gardeners World last year.

The one Lime tree that is left looks a lot better than the three that were there before. The Cornus Controversa has already got larger without having the lime trees swallowing it up. The two Sorbus Joseph Rock look a lot better than last year, bushier and plenty of flowers on. Sorbus Vilmorinii I cant enthuse about so much, too much dead wood. In the paddock Magnolia Sieboldii is covered in flowers, and grown quite a lot. Neil and Polly together are wiring the front of the house for our new wisterias, wisteria Brachybotrys Okayama, as we have put in two of them. I have only just remembered that monday is a Bank Holiday, and hopefully James will stay over.


2 thoughts on “22 May, 2018, Preparing for my trip to Mustique

  1. Love your posts. Hips take so rest up and repair. How fabulous to holiday in Mystique!!! Here we are just putting our tulip bulbs in the fridge before we plant. Next month our shortest day, so envy your sun. Happy holidaying.

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