19th June, flowers are opening out every day and getting larger, with no rain

I am putting a picture of Delphinium Tiddles in the Klimt border, and behind it is Delphinium Alice Artindale which is meant to be difficult to grow and is at least 6ft.

I am trying to get up early like my friends Clive and Eric, but so far the conditions have never been right. What a difference the early morning makes, the light is so beautiful, and it turns photography into a real pleasure. It is a good way of seeing what is wrong or right in the garden, and maybe a lot of you should join the workshop for Clive Nichols here on September 18th.

I have a particularly good Campanula in the garden called Crystal, which is bred from Burghalti, but is much stronger and flowers longer. There is a photo of it underneath the rusted iron poles, with Clematis Arabella climbing above it. The autumn border is different this year, the roses have been taken out, and it has been made wider. Already it is looking interesting, mostly green with splashes of white, two persicarias in full bloom, both quite big. Persicaria polymorpha which I have never grown before, and is looking promising. It says that it goes on flowering until September, which is four months. Polly is clipping the Phillyreas in the par terre and they look much better for it, as the par terre is a garden in a garden.


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