25th June, 2018, resorting to watering

We have had no rain for a very long time, and after the Dutch had left at about 5 o’clock we have started to turn the sprinkler on various sections of the left hand side border. Today was the hottest day of the year, and all of us were flagging slightly. I have taken a photo of the Klimt border, which has three delphiniums in, going from left to right, Tiddles, (daughter of the owner of Blackmore and Langdon, Alice Artindale which is a species and meant to be difficult, she is amazing at about 7 feet, and Gillian Dallas. Delphiniums have a reputation for being tricky, but get them past the stage of being eaten by slugs and you are alright. All the dahlias have emerged from the ground, and are looking good. I am pleased with the Autumn border, with the roses out, and two white persicarias in. Finally my neighbour’s field has been cut, and it looks lovely, with James having poisoned the nettles all along the side. The rabbit is lurking still, and Nicholas, my grandson, was very keen to see it. Thomas took a photo of it on his i phone, as a pale grey blob. Apparently we have two now, which is mortifying, as we dont know where they are getting in, and a slightly rotund Tensing is weaving his way in and out of the borders trying to find it, as is Temba. A chunk of the retaining wall where we have the soldiers running down to the garage, has fallen down, but luckily the soldiers have stayed in place. The soldiers are our yew cones, which have been in ten years. All of our roses are flowering, and I tell people who come round the garden that I dont really like roses, and they all look completely horrified.


3 thoughts on “25th June, 2018, resorting to watering

  1. Oh Gina, How completely and utterly glorious.
    Love the idea of Tensing rotundly looking for the rabbits!
    So sad can’t make James birthday. That’s the only date already filled in the diary for whole of September. Sods law 😦
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  2. So the bunny has understandably decided that your garden is Paradise and has brought others to share in the beauty. When I was one of the group from North Vancouver in Canada who visited your garden at the start of June, I was as delighted as a child when I spotted him under a bench. A Peter Rabbit moment that completed the magic of visiting Pettifers. I can totally understand his desire to take up residence.

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