8th July, 2018, the progress of the borders

The roses are on the way already to preparing for their second flowering, They need feeding and watering, I dont think they will get the latter. There are distinct advantages to the roses with single petals, of which we only have two. Mrs Oakley Fisher which is a hybrid tea, pale apricot, and grows at Sissinghurst. and rose Morning Mist, which is a David Austin. They die well which is more than you can say of most roses. We have got James’s neice staying, Charlotte, who is teaching me how to order some rather beautiful Indian clothes on line, made in Jaipur needless to say. This weather is continuing, and quite a few things are suffering. On saturday morning I woke up at 5 and my photographs are proof of this. Particularly the one of the autumn border, and the main excitement of the day was England beating Sweden in the World Cup.

In the borders, the grasses are flowering, day lilies are coming into flower, the hemerocallis, and if you are near them you deadhead them. The smaller ones it is not so vital to do. The leaf comes up very early, and I definitely think they are worth growing. I am feeling very determined about wanting to go back to India next year as it will be five years which I think is too long, I. want to go to Gujarat and Jaipur.


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