23rd July, 2018

I never thought I would complain about the heat but I don’t like it any more. You cant water the whole garden but so many things look as if they are never going to recover. I went to a party at Coton Manor yesterday and everything looked very fresh and happy, it is really a very pretty garden with a huge Gingko tree tree over a pool. I am longing for my three Gingkos to get big, they are quite slow and one of them looks as if it wants to turn into a weeper, I remember Dianey Binneys sister, Betsy, saying ‘I dont like weepers’. I have never grown one, probably influenced by her. By the way Coton Manor has a watering system.

The dogs have gone to the hairdresser today, and I go tomorrow, following in their wake. I cant wait to see them cut short, it must kill them in this weather. Tensing might stop barking you never know. I have a maroon centaurea, whose central boss has turned into the most beautiful silver disc, probably the best seedhead I have ever seen. Amazingly enough the right hand borders, Reine des Violettes and Euphorbia Fern Cottage, they both look good even in the full glare of the day. Clive came over to see his two pics in the outside loos, and really liked them. I am quite surprised that no one has asked me how you get hold of them.

The plant I am really pleased with is in the Autumn Border and is called Achillea Gold Plate’. It is very tall with a pretty silvery foliage, and is a kind of mustard yellow. Next year it will be at least another six inches taller. Perennials take about three years to fulfil their promise, and I have never planted this Achillea before as I was a bit dubious about the colour. But it is fine. In fact it lifts the rest of the border, and I am going to plant it the other side.



3 thoughts on “23rd July, 2018

  1. Dear Gina,

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the wonderful photos you share. I hope to visit Pettifers some time next year hopefully. We had a very light shower here in West Cork, Ireland, early this morning but I believe there is a change forecast and while we need some rain – overnight would be ideal – the sunshine and heat has everybody in good form and feeling well. Myself and a friend, Bev, are travelling to Altamont Walled Gardens in Carlow on Friday, 3rd August to hear Chris Beardshaw and Fergus Garrett speak. Can’t wait!

    All the very best and looking forward to your next post, Ber Gardener in Barryroe, near Clonakilty. ________________________________

  2. Adore the grasses. Mine never ‘took’. I agree this heat very oppressive. London Earls Court, 32 today. Hideous. Rather envy Tensing and Tempa being able to have a clip.
    Well I thought there might be more baby news. Wouldn’t it be lovely if …. – I daren’t tempt fate but am sure you can guess what I am hoping for!
    Love to you both ,

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