20th September, back after a month

I quite often think to myself that September is the best time of year for the garden. The trees at the bottom are turning a beautiful colour and laden with berries. Malus Hupehensis, Sorbus Joseph Rock, which had virtually no berries last year, and Crateagus Laciniata which looks as if it has stepped out of a Klimt painting. Staphylea Colchica is a buttercup yellow and Sorbus Vilmorinii which is making its exit in the beginning of October. That will make a greatly improved view through to the Autumn Border. I dont think that anything has died this summer, although the odd plant on the top of the stone walls. Polly and I set off on Tuesday to Avondale another Succisa Pratense. This is evergreen, and later on has ethereal small blue balls that waft in the breeze. I am going to put a picture on later, I have been back for some time and Wednesday was the first morning that the light was at all possible

Early in the morning I am really happy as the colours are so much better, and I find a good way to improve your planting. Clive and I rather missed the boat to have a photographic workshop this year, but we will definitely fix one for the spring. Poor Polly seems to have buckets of bulbs waiting to be planted in the potting shed. She managed to track down Deirdre in the end, which is green and white., and we had not managed to find her for several years. I had the most amazing greetings from Tensing and Temba this year, and Temba follows me wherever I go in case I leave him again. We are going to leave him again as we are going back to Corfu for a week in October


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