September 27th 2018, trees with berries

Down the bottom of my garden, which is after all only an acre and a half, lie a plethora of small trees laden with berries. One a Crateagus Schraderiana, which I mistakenly planted as Crateagus Laciniata. I am not sure that it is better, it has the same leaf but its berries are like dark glistening cherries. Mouth watering, you want to pop them in your mouth. My other Crateagus is the real Laciniata, and is planted outside the front door of Great Dixter,, you could hardly get a better provenance than that, and as I said before it looks as if it has stepped out of a Klimt painting. Running along the edge of my left hand boundary is Malus Hupehensis, with its branches weighted down with small red berries. We are going to lift the crown of it but have to be careful not to expose the tennis court that lies behind. Part of our wall fell down where we have what we call the soldiers, it has been repaired needless to say exposing quite a large washing apparatus. These are the penalties of living in a a village with close neighbours.

We have two large Sorbus Joseph Rock laden with apricot berries. Funnily enough they did hardly fruit last year. These are in the autumn border, which we are in the process of getting a lot better having discovered some stunning new plants for it. Though Rudbeckia Gullicks variety is going to bite the dust probably. It is too tall and generally rather coarse. The trouble with having a small garden is that you want everything to be be perfect. One of the stars of our garden are our Japanese anemones, as they flower for so long and are quite dainty’. I took some dahlias to my friend Melissa who has had yet another operation, she is very brave about it, and the star of the dahlias was a pale pink one which Polly calls wishy washy, yet in a vase is one of the best. Interesting.




3 thoughts on “September 27th 2018, trees with berries

  1. Beautiful evocative words, matched with glorious images. So good for the soul. We are springing forward this weekend, time to sow seeds, and welcome spring flowers. All the magnolias and cherry blossoms are out on this side of the world. To me Autumn and Spring are the purest of seasons. I wish your friend Melissa a speedy recovery. Our dahlias are only just peeping their new leaves.

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