22nd October, 2018, back at Pettifers

There has a lot been going on here in my absence. The wall leading into Polly’s parking area is being carefully rebuilt and made wider. It already looks much better, as I was afraid that it might collapse on to her car. The Sorbus Vilmorinii has been taken out with the help of a digger, and now the Crateagus Laciniata has a chance to bush out as it is not a very good shape. It opens up a view to the Autumn border, and looking back to the par terre. I had had it a long time, but there was quite a lot of die back. James had said all along it was a thicket, and he was right.. The middle plant of the Miscanthus sinensis Yakushima Dwarf was taken out, and that makes a big improvement too, as you can now see through to the paddock and the avenue. Neil is rebuilding the little stone wall which could have been the demise of Clive, or me for that matter. Polly has been putting in Everedge where we needed it, and that is good too, though you certainly dont want that everywhere in the garden. I am always saying this, but it is so good to be home, especially to have the company of Tensing and Temba.

Mostyn was on television last night on Countryfile. It lasted five minutes and they were talking about the walled garden which is two and a half acres. I liked it a lot, in fact I would like to watch it again. I love Countryfile, the photography is so beautiful. I think the Autumn Border next year is going to be greatly improved with all the changes we are making. That is what attracts me hugely to gardening, there is always next year. In life it is important to always have something to look forward to.


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