10th November, 2018

Today is my elder son Dominic’s birthday, Last night it rained hard (badly needed) and a lot of the leaves have come tumbling down. You will see from my photos that the garden is all shades of green and russet, and the bare bones have become very evident. We are still putting in more structure all the time, by that I mean evergreen shapes. Though I must say I hate gardens that are all box or yew balls, We had a friend of James staying, called Ronnie from Hawaii. He said ‘Gina why do you have alL these stone balls? I replied that I supposed it was the fashion. I did not really know what to say, and I have just counted that I have five. Mostly they are on top of pillars. I find difficult to believe how long the asters are still lasting, and two of my delphiniums have flowered for the second time. Thomas, my second son, has started me off on Instagram, but I am rather amateurish with it still, and I need to be put straight by him. He has just been to Lapland with Nicholas to meet Father Christmas, We have been redoing pieces of the Autumn border, getting rid of things that have not done well (far too many Sanguisorbas who hated this summer) and dividing things that do do well, for example the Vernonias, James is helping in the garden today, (which is a beautiful one), he is a fair weather gardener! However he is not the only one! This afternoon I am going to cut back some of the leaves of the Hellebores. We have an awful lot of them, so it might take some time. They are in almost all my borders, but in the summer you dont really notice them. We don’t put them on the compost heap. I have given up as it has started raining again and I have only done about ten.

Polly has planted the tulips in the par terre, and she cannot really plant the rest until the borders are cut back. Cutting all the borders back takes ages, particularly the autumn border. She has put all the pots away and emptied them. I dont bother to put tulips in pots, just in the ground. Clive is away in Australia, and I rather miss him.

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