5th December, 2018, the winter border out of the kitchen window

I could have never called it the Winter border before, but after five years of digging out goodness knows what, and planting ferns, snowdrops, and polypodiums, they have all clumped up and got huge. Everything in my garden goes in small, so this is very satisfactory. We bought them at Fibrex Nursery, which luckily for us is very close. We have already got rid of one huge fern which was swallowing up a variegated box ball, which I decided I preferred to the fern. We have two Polystichum setiferum pulcherrimum Bevis, very beautiful, the aristocrat of ferns. Do not plant geranium Khan, I dont know how anyone dares sell it, as it covers the ground at the rate of knots. leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. You find out this for yourself in about three years! This bed was described in an article by Bob Brown, as the Sainsbury car park border, which in fact was Pollys description, but it galvanised me into doing something about it. Anyway it is a pleasure to look at now. It also has pachyphragma which is a very underused plant, and several hellebores. I noticed on the gravel path that a hellebore had seeded everywhere, funny how plants love gravel.

We first started planting a few named snowdrops about six years ago, mostly gifts from kind friends. They love me, and I have divided them once or twice and seem to have masses of them pushing their way up through the ground. Exciting! They are so worth while and are mostly in the beds near the house. My son Thomas, has showed me how to join Instagram, and I am in it as VirginiayPrice, and it is a quick way of showing what is going on in the garden, or getting ideas from other peoples pictures, though I must admit I prefer writing this. Taking photographs is one of my hobbies, and it is making me delete several. The two people who got me enthused about ferns are Polly and Mark Griffiths.

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