Wednesday, 29th May,2019

The whole picture of the garden and the colours have changed. It is time for the alliums to take the stage, and they certainly have. Allium Purple Sensation reigns supreme on the main lawn on either side. At the bottom of the bank in the Burgundy border is Allium Globemaster, a softer mauve and a shade bigger. You have to watch the alliums carefully that they dont take over. Last year and the year before we took a lot out. Even more dangerous is. Nectaroscordon, given me by Victoria Wakefield. They smell too strongly, not a pleasant aroma, and Polly and I. do not think it is a good form. It slowly escapes from a sheath, and increases more in the ground more than you can imagine apart from seeding wickedly. In the Reine des Violettes border we have a June allium. Firmament, which is darker, and quite useful. In the Klimt bed is quite a lot of tall white alliums, called Mount Everest, white,, and quite a bit more expensive. I suggest you buy them wholesale from Peter Nyssen which you will find on line. The main border was vastly improved this year by planting Camassia Electra next to two herbaceous clematis which were dark maroon. They are also next to Thalictrum Elin and Thalictrum Anne which are both a shade somber. The colours together were beautiful and seemed to lift it. You have to remember that Camassias dye down to nothing so dont forget to plant either side things that will fill that space.

We have had perfect weather, a wet spring, which was badly needed, and the beds have joined up and are excitingly lush. Almost everywhere we now have got the knack of changing the foliage so they all look interesting before they start to flower . A lot of things seem to have grown a lot, surprising after last years difficult summer.

The peonies are starting to be the star of the garden, and I will put some pictures of them on in my next blog. I m going to try again with pictures

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 29th May,2019

  1. I was so thrilled to finally see the Monty Don TV programme featuring you and your gorgeous garden. I felt like waving to you from NZ! As for Alliums, I’m so envious, cannot afford to plant any more in my temperate garden, they simply didn’t pop up. And they are hugely expensive here too. So to read your complaining about them multiplying freely was a dagger to my heart! Meanwhile my orange toned ranunculas planted two weeks ago have got their first leaves popping through the soil, and I’ve gone crazy offering lilies to arrive next month. Yours in gardening. I loved the TV programme too. Cheers Lynne

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