19 June, 2019

The incessant rain that we have had lately has transformed the garden into a magic place. The colours are soft and remind me of Ireland. The growth is amazing and everything is standing up. Finally the colour combinations are working, particularly the placing of Camassia Electra in two of my borders. It is a very pale blue, a beautiful colour. Sybil Kreutzberger told me you should plant Camassias in the grass, which I do at the bottom of the Avenue of Malus Transitoria, but the odd one in the beds transforms the beds at that time of year. I have since discovered that there is a pale pink Camassia and am thinking of planting it in the Autumn border at either end where there is plenty of space before the perennials bush out.

This seems to be a year for disease. Geranium Ardennes, with an interesting bright red flower, is covered in whitefly, so that the leaves have all turned black, in fact I am so fed up with I am going to throw it away. It is a tricky number anyway! Euonymus Cornutus Quinque Cornutus, a real mouthful I know, its top branches are decimated by some insect and Polly has had to spray it. This is one of my most unusual plants in the garden with tiny brown flowers and amazing berries in a a kind of five pronged hat. The Verbascums have unattractive looking caterpillars on their stems, and the Lilies in pots have to be watched for red beetles. I hope this is not enough to put you all off gardening! Yesterday morning I discovered a lot of black fly on some of my Achilleas.

Allium Firmanent is now flowering, a dark coloured mauve June Allium, very useful, and Dianthus Carthusianorum, slightly difficult, but unusual and lovely. The star of the garden is Stemmacantha Centauroides, majestic, with a grey leaf and white tennis balls on top which look as if they have been wrapped by Christo. I am so sorry that I cannot put any photographs on, but my i pad is refusing to load them and I have to find time to spend some time with Apple to get them to sort it.

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