2 August, 2019

The borders are still at their peak. The Hemerocallis are flowering, and for them to look good you should really take off spent heads and pull out the dead leaves. You might think I am being fussy but it really makes a huge difference. Corky had finished a while ago but it dies better than others, the one with the brown stripe on its flower. Janice Brown looks lovely, peachy coloured, but only if you do what I suggested earlier on. I am going off the larger flowered ones, partly because they die badly due to their size. In fact I think I will get rid of them. One of their advantages is that the leaf comes up very early.

The Agapanthus are all flowering, not only do they have a very good leaf, but it is rather fascinating the way the flower emerges from a kind of sheath. Hemerocallis Quink Drops is doing it at this moment. This came from Graham Gough, Marchants Hardy Plants, and anything from there is a star. It is strange how many people come to the garden and think that agapanthus should be grown in pots. Another very special one is Indigo Dreams, very very dark blue. Agapanthus Windsor Grey is a very soft mauve grey, and does not seem to mind being smothered with alliums and camassias early on. All other things would mind.

Not many people seem to grow Monardas rather to my amazement. The colours and the shape of the flower as it opens are very special. I love to touch them as they have a lovely lemony smell. You can do wonderful colour combinations with monardas, as they flower at the same time at Helenium Sahins early flowerer, which flowers for three months if you dead head it. You can do it in chunks, not singly. We had the hottest day I have ever known in England a couple of weeks ago, really unpleasant, but the garden survived, probably because it only lasted two days. I could not even walk the dogs round the block, I turned round and came back half way!

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