The Autumn Border, 11th August, 2019

The Autumn Border was first created about 20 years ago. I went to a lecture given by Bob Brown and it evolved round a vase of flowers which were flowering in the month of October. I remember coming home and feeling very excited as I had already had the idea of planting late flowering things at the very bottom of the garden. There were already two Sorbus Joseph Rock and an Euonymus Planipes. At that time there was a huge Cotoneaster Cornubia which I later took out as I found it too huge and unattractive. I dug the whole bed myself, which was relatively easy, though I do not think I could do it now, as the soil is very good down there. I then planted three groups of Miscanthus Yakushima Dwarf. Dwarf is laughable as they are huge. There were three plants in each, this was my lack of knowledge as I could have got away with two. Years on we have now taken out the middle one as they were trying to join up.

This year I am loving the border. We have put in three groups of Achillea Gold Plate. Amazingly they seem to have stood up on their own, and we have repeated them along the border. Helenium Sahins early flowerer, which flowers for three months if you dead head it. They are next to various Monardas, making beautiful Indian clashing colours. I would never have thought of that if we had not gone to India about ten times, and the colour schemes really appealed to me. We are repeating Eupatoriums along the border, and Rudbeckia deamii twice. A few years ago I would have not been captivated by yellows, but I am beginning to love all these strong colours. There are also plenty of Aconitum Carmichael (which are a strong blue, planted together with white, these are all flowering in October. This border is wavy but all very wide. It is basically a blaze of colour. Nothing is supported in this border.

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