Saturday, 31st August

We have been in Corfu for over two weeks, and how totally different it is to England. It is very hot, and the Lemon trees look the worst and goodness knows whether they are going to recover. The pots on the terrace look good but they are being watered all the time, particularly now that we have arrived. Five of them have been changed, they really looked terrible, two ghastly looking geraniums, I dont know why I just cant grow them, and really should give up. Extraordinary really as I thought they liked the heat. It has not rained here for over two months, and looks it, The green colour of the plants has deteriorated, and I know that towards the end of next week that is going to change as apparently it is going to rain next week. We have pruned several of the olive trees so that we can see the view and it has made a huge difference. I am posting a picture of Dino swarming up the tree like a monkey to cut it, he is so strong he just grips on to the trunk. The walls rebuilt as you come up the road give a completely different feel to the whole place. We have had Thomas and Nicholas staying which has had a lot of laughter and games in the swimming pool. We are going to come back in October for two weeks, last October was almost the best time I have ever had here, it was really a paradise, and no one was here. I rather love It like that. Tomorrow we have four different friends arriving which I am looking forward to.




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