We have been here for three weeks, and we are coming back for two weeks in October which was like a paradise last year. It was nothing like so hot and seemed completely deserted. There was no one on the small curved beach at Avlaki and the roads were. empty. When we first came here, which was about thirty years ago, most of the roads were dirt track, and we are lucky that it has not been too spoilt since. We went to a restaurant going north up the island, called The Three Brothers, right off the beaten track, going north, with delicious food, and right on the beach. Since we have been coming to Greece the food has improved out of all recognition, and the local wines are good.

Still there has been no sign of any rain, which is badly needed. Why does everyone else’s Oleanders flower continuously and ours seem to have the once flowering and that is it. I have suddenly remembered it is James birthday on the Saturday we get back, and at the moment I am not feeling inspired as to what to get him! Needless to say I am looking forward hugely to seeing the dogs, and I am muttering about getting a third, but James at the moment does not seem up for it. I love the breed that we have got, Lhasa Apso, too naughty to be sold at Harrods apparently. I am looking forward to seeing the garden at. Pettifers, and have no idea what it is going to look like after three weeks absence. I think that several of the hedges will have been cut which I look forward to seeing. I am hoping that the autumn border will still look good, if different.


  1. I knew it! You’ve got spy cameras up in your bedroom viewing the garden.
    I may have been up ladders wielding dangerous implements, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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