11th September, 2019, Autumn at Pettifers

We are back from Corfu, looking at an autumnal garden and Tensing and Temba thrilled to see us.

Everything looks completely different, with two of the hedges clipped, the front one, not with ‘scorch’ this time, and the new hedge next to Mrs Holbech’s garden which has now got a very good shape. It has taken seven years. Magnolia lilliflora nigra seems to have doubled in size, though it has taken a very long time to get where it has. The autumn border really looks lovely with a lot of yellow in it, a colour that some people find difficult, but all of it seems to go very well with the Eupatorium. I have dead headed the Achillea Gold Plate, which seems to go a slightly nasty dark brown colour, but it has been flowering for a very long time. The Aconitums are not really flowering yet, and I like the new one called Cloudy which we need more of. The Aconitum Royal Flush is showing colour. This is the one that has red foliage when it is coming up.

The par terre is a blaze of colour, though I need to think of something new to go with Murdoch. What is there has a huge head, which does not look good when it is wet. It is difficult choosing dahlias on line, though it is worth going to Sarah Ravens website, as she has good taste, and comes up with new ideas. Finally I have something that I am excited about. This is Chimborazo with Clare de Lune, and we will take out some of Sue Dickinsons alstroemeria. When this is over there is too much of a blank space which takes a while to fill.

When James and I went to the Cambridge Botanic Garden after Christmas last year we planted a bed of Salix Irrorata, and it is doing so well. They arrived tiny, and I really like the leaf, and they are huge. We are going to plant Aster Ice Cool Pink to the right hand side of the bed. Earlier on we have snowdrops and hellebores (white) as an underplanting. When something does well it certainly lifts the spirits. This does not always happen!

2 thoughts on “11th September, 2019, Autumn at Pettifers

  1. What is the name of that spectacularly glamorous red and cream dahlia?
    I think you said earlier but maddeningly I can’t find it when I search previous blogs. P x

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