26th October, 2019

On Monday we got back from two weeks in Corfu, a beautiful day every day. We got persuaded to open our garden at Prosilio for the Garden scheme. I did not think we were good enough and I felt a bit cross about it. Amazingly enough it was a huge success and we had about 40 people, a mixture of Greek, English and various nationalities. I never thought that I would be holding forth as to what would do well in Corfu or not. I thoroughly enjoyed it as everyone was so friendly and interested.

The main thing that we did out there was to take down three large olive trees which then opened up a large section of the mountains of Albania and the sea. Why had we never seen to do this before, partly that we are always there in august when you cannot do this, we have people staying and it is hot. I think we are going to spend less time in august it is just too hot.

Back here at Pettifers the best thing is the autumn border and the asters. It is an autumnal garden. Almost the best time, and I am so pleased to be back with Tensing and Temba. I am always saying that.

2 thoughts on “26th October, 2019

  1. I love to read your blog. We have been in Spain and Portugal for the last 6 weeks in our motorhome and the weather has been very warm. I would love to visit Pettifers again. I did so many years ago with Stockton Garden Club – I remember it vividly as it was my birthday and when I told you this, you went inside and came out with a glass of champagne for me – I was very touched by this gesture. Since then, I admire your posts on Instagram and Clive’s photographs of the garden, hoping that one day I can visit again.

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