This is Sunday 12th January, as I have promised a few shots of the garden in mid winter.

It is depths of Winter, and there have been very few days when I could even take any photos. This morning the sun emerged and I walked down the bottom of the paddock with signs of voles everywhere! We have a lot of snowdrops out now, mostly given me by what I consider famous gardeners, and they have increased such a lot that it is very satisfying. At the bottom of the paddock, purely by chance, are a lot of trees and shrubs with red stems. Salix Batsfordiana, simply huge, and we cut it back every few years. Tilia Winter Orange, planted from a whip, again huge, and three Alders with red catkins. I remember reading about them in one of Margery Fish’s books. On the left hand side we have a grove of Magnolias, five of them all different. They like the soil and the aspect, and are doing very well. Polly has lifted the crowns of the avenue of Malus Transitoria. When the sun is out it gives beautiful shadows underneath them. Even if I have to wait for the sun to shine, it is very satisfying to walk down there.

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