3rd February,2020.

James told me that last year he saw a couple of Nectaroscordons down the bottom of the paddock in the wet bit. Now he said that there were hundreds. He was right, as I went down this morning and could not believe my eyes. It is amazing what plants will do if they like the conditions! My friend Victoria Wakefield gave them to me ages ago, and I felt quite faint in the car driving them back home. You try smelling them!

I thought of something that Pam and Sibylle said to me a while ago. They were the two Sissinghurst gardeners with Vita Sackville West.. I said ‘how do you not get upset when things are going wrong in your garden, for example some creatures are digging up my tulips in the par terre”. They replied ‘You just concentrate on the plants that are doing well!’ Mice have run riot on the tops of my little walls. That is nothing, we caught 12 in Nicholas’s room just before Christmas.. What I call Nicholas’s room was Dominic’s when he was young.

Crocuses have started dotting themselves about. I like the tommasinianus that are all over the place in random positions, and I have decided to leave them where they are.. James thinks that they are not Salix Irrorata, but they are getting whiter by the day. I shall have to take a photo and send them to a couple of friends. I have been taking quite a lot of ivy off the right hand wall. I really dislike it as it gets in my eyes and does my right shoulder in. You would have thought that I would have learnt my lesson by now. The brick that I have exposed is attractive, a lot better than the ivy. I think the ivy has been there a very long time. I love the hellebores, they are almost my favourite flower and they are everywhere. Today was very windy and cold. Then I washed the trunk of my Betula Ermanii with my floor mop and it is finally starting to go pink, which is how it looked when I first saw it at Bodnant.

Five magnolias are growing away strongly in the paddock. They love it there and are doing so well. When they are flowering I will put some pictures on.

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