26th February, 2020, Pettifers Garden emerging from the Winter

Coming back to the garden from a week spent in Seville, blue skies and heat of 75 degrees, It seemed to exceed expectation, particularly a day trip to Cordoba. Here there were 5th century arches by the Moors all underground. Normally Spain is not my favourite, but this holiday was special. Cordoba took my breath away, also the Palace in Seville. I am always fascinated at the amazing taste that countries had such a long time ago. We are not building like that now, is it money I ask myself.

But the garden was not a disappointment. A week with a lot of rain and not too cold, there is plenty to look at , Abundant displays of crocuses, more than last year, dont ask me why. Last year we seemed to have very few of Crocus Yalta, but this year at least a couple of hundred., Crocus tricolor, doing what it says, and as with all our crocuses, we need to. keep planting. But everything is coming up and the bare beds are greening. Mice and rabbits seem to have been everywhere. But I must stop moaning about them. As usual I am thrilled to be home, in my little routines! and having the dogs back is always a real plus.

Polly is straightening the lines of the beds, and what an improvement that is, We are replanting the little stone walls with different things, and we have not done that for a very long time., We went and bought several plants at Cotswold Garden Flowers, and had a cup of coffee with Bob Brown, as a result have asked him to Lunch with Sibylle. It is a bit like having royalty to lunch, we want it to be PERFECT.

Clive Nichols photo of Pandoras Box in early spring.

Clive Nichols photo of Pettifers early Spring, one of my favourites

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