Sunday, 8th March, 2020

This is an interesting time of year, several plants are coming up very fast. One of the main advantages of Hemerocallis is how early they emerge from the ground, and what a lovely lime green colour they are. We are talking about the end of February so they are good value for ages. There are several lime green, evergreen ferns, so if they go in the right place they are really worth having. The same applies to alliums and you only have to watch that they do not increase too much. I think that the sentence ‘go in the right place’ applies to almost everything, in fact it is one of the most difficult things in gardening to place plants where they look best. All of the tulip leaf is up, and I feel pleased with the ones that are repeating well. Though there is some creature that is digging them up.

My gardening lunch party was a success. It was last monday, and I had Sybylle Kreutzberger, Bob Brown, and Rupert Goldby, James and Polly came, and Polly did a pudding called Eve’s pudding, which I used to do for the children. Bob came up with some ideas that I did not agree with, but they made me think. He seemed shattered when I said that I did not really like shrubs! He said that he had never heard anyone say that before! My new web site is up, and I am lucky as I have Clive’s beautiful photos on it. His son Robbie did it for me. I never even had a web site when Polly came to me eleven years ago. We have been doing quite a lot of new spring planting. Hellebores, and cyclamen from Ashwood Nurseries, and quite a lot of plants from Fibrex, who specialise in ferns and pelargoniums, and are near here. We also went on a buying spree to Bob Brown. Mice had decimated our hellebores and the tops of our walls. Next year we need to be more aware of the damage they do.

KLIMT border, a couple of weeks on

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