After a lot of wind, we are going to have a heatwave, Tuesday 21st April

The wind has been pretty fierce the last few days. The tulips are making the beds look very pretty and giving them a colour scheme. Over the years you learn which tulips repeat well that you love. Viridiflora tulips are top of my list. Artist, which is peach and green and Deirdre, green and white. One of my favourites is Ballerina, though a good friend grows it and her husband said. “I am not having that” There is always a bias against orange. It depends what you put orange against, it is always like that in the garden. It smells beautiful too. A big job was taking out half the front garden and we have ordered Malus Evereste to go there instead. Polly has done all that. The other main thing has been sorting out where the dahlias are going to go. Some of the squares in the par terre are going to be the same as last year. James is being a great help in the garden at the moment, wiring jobs that seem to take ages, and at the moment there seem to be no signs of the rabbits. Malus Transitoria is about to break out of bud and looks lovely, and the pale yellow magnolia is one of the prettiest things you have ever seen.

One thing that is really special are the camassias at the bottom of the paddock, and in the Burgundy border. We have carefully placed Camassia Electra in the main border and it is such a soft pale blue that it lightens up the whole bed. Clive put us on the cover of a calendar last year, which I was pretty thrilled about. It was so beautiful that I said “where is that”

Tulip Sanne, Klimt Border

Venetian melange of Triumph tulips

One thought on “After a lot of wind, we are going to have a heatwave, Tuesday 21st April

  1. Can’t wait to get out of isolation and hope to visit Pettifers again lovely photographs and soft colours thank you

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