20 October, 2020

I Apologise for my blogs going wrong, and I am going to have another go as it is a new i pad and its settings are all over the place.

Here I am back in London, and having another attempt not only to write but to put some pictures on. We have improved Pettifers a lot because not only we had the time but the vision. We could not go to Corfu until just now as it took me quite some time to recover, from a dislocated hip. We have been lucky to have Polly every day,

We have planted some interesting bulbs. Polly gave me some beautiful blue crocuses which we have planted in the beds, they do not seem to do well in the grass. It is meant to be the bluest blue there is. We have some pink camassias in the autumn border, very expensive I can tell you . I am giving my friend Philip Astley Jones about 600 tulips that we have been growing on for 3 years, and have now done a different colour combination, Maybe better, and three years is enough for any single idea.

Clive told me that he was on the radio with Alan Titchmarsh a week ago and was asked by him which was his favourite garden. He said me, and needless to say I was really pleased. We have just got back from 2 weeks in Corfu. I have finally got the hang of it after sixteen years, and it is to adapt the olive trees to the landscape. Opening up the the sea, sky, and mountains by pruning the olive trees. It is difficult there, as three or four months there is no rain, and not many plants thrive naturally there. We have not got a watering system and we have Jiannis Lampros plus someone who swarms up the olive trees with a cigarette in his mouth. Jiannis looks after 30 gardens. Now for the first time James and I can sit up in bed and see the sea, the sky, and Albania. Paradise. The main guest bedroom has the same effect. I wonder why we took so long to see it, We have built about fifteen stone walls going up the drive with stone that was lying around., It gives plenty of structure on the way up the drive. It has been done by

Dmitris who has made a very skilful job of it. At the moment we are taking out plants that do not work for us. Three box balls, all which seem to have got box disease, they look terrible. The orange trees do not fruit and are tiny. Some of our lemon trees are good. James has pruned them properly for the first time. Cypresses seem to shoot away and are reliable. Quince and Persimmon are trustworthy. but the Pomegranate never flower, I fear they are partially in the shade. called garden which is 5 acres. Now we are taking out things that do not work for us, for example 3 box balls which look as if they have got box blight. Some things do well and we are better to concentrate on those. Cypresses and Quince, and Persimmon. For example Pomegranate never flower, maybe they are in the shade,

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