The progression of Pettifers Garden

With more time available, and I have never liked it anyway, Polly and I have changed one end of the front garden, I find that the smaller the bed is, the more difficult it is to achieve anything. Clematis Armandii has been removed, as it was thick and woody, and basically looked a mess most of the time. 5 Rosa Mutabilis were all falling over and did not add anything to the general picture. In went Malus Evereste, sporting the hugest red berries which apparently get made into cider,It has been carrying these berries for months, and initially had pretty blossom on it. All along the border is Nepeta Nuda, the best Nepeta in my opinion, very delicate and is about to flower for the second time. All the others are too huge and bushy, this one seems to stand up more, and is quite delicate. This Nepeta was highly recommended by Graham Gough, Marchants Hardy Plants. Running the whole way down the front bed are four Euphorbia Jacquemontii, This is one of the best for looking good for a very long time, Either side of the front door are two small domes of Irish Yew which have taken some time to increase.

James’ Mother left me some money in her will, and with that we have done a stone surround on the outside of the drawing room door, leading into the garden, This is the same stone and fits in well with the arch that James gave me two or three years ago. I am pretty pleased now with this end of garden which is vastly improved, and for the first time I really like the four pots when they are planted up in the summer. They are in the curve of the wall before you go through the entrance. There I have always made the huge mistake of having pots that were much too small, We put Jescot Julie in the new huge pot and it has beautiful different markings on both sides, and is my favourite of all dahlias, In another pot an Astelia, quite old, and two different dahlias, Mexican Star being one of them..These are flowers that nod on long stems over dark foliage. Deep red maroon with a lovely yellow centre. Very very pretty. All these pots come from Italian Terrace. I think they are the best pots I have seen. The design and colour of the terracotta is perfect.

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