A new Coronovirus year 2021

Well, are we going to have a better time this year, and we have not got to the end of January yet. I am lucky as I have Tensing and Temba, James who is going for his first vaccine today in a snow storm, Polly my gardener, and Roger and Mandy who live beneath Polly. At least I have all these people to wave at from a distance outside. Polly has been working so hard in the most desperate grey and cold weather, cutting back plants and she is working her way down the garden.

The last two days, in which the sun shone, I was out there, cutting the plumes off Cortaderia Ricardiae, and then I have to cut them into small pieces. James and I have taken the tarpaulin off the table and chairs in the paddock. How lovely to have an acquamarine flash down there instead of beiges and browns which are always depressing. All the snowdrops seem to have increased hugely. Especially a Greatorex double called Jacquinetta that Polly gave me years ago, They have gone in my new bed called Salix Irrorata, which was spotted at the Cambridge Botanic Garden. This has a white theme. Aconites are everywhere, and they have definitely spread a lot, and they die in a graceful way. This is very important. Most of my Hellebores are out and they are a success story this year as Polly cut off the leaves early, which stopped the mice nesting and chewing off the flowers. They really looked terrible last year,

Two excitements this year. I have ordered three new Agapanthus, three of each, from Avon Bulbs. A very special one called Alan Street, which is dark, and I ordered last year, Northern Star, and Acquamarine. I am going to have them as an edging in the par terre, as what is there is not having any impact, they flower for too short a time and you don’t really notice them. I think that agapanthus are amongst my favourites.

I am very proud of my two sons as to how they are coping with this lockdown with small children. Dominic and Hetty with three and Thomas with one. There has been no moaning of any sort. I have forgotten to tell you all to order Triteleia Rudy. So beautiful, flowers in June, which is purple blue, and again I have ordered it from Avon Bulbs. These flower when not much else flowers. Even when everything else is shut, you can order from these nurseries on line or on the telephone. I have just ordered Astelia silver shadow, I am having a love affair with Astelias at the moment, as they are so good in the winter and all the year round. I cant bring myself to spend a lot of money on snowdrops! Though I do love them and they increase well here. A few years ago Polly and I spent a lot of time and trouble to improve the garden in winter round the house so we could see it all the time, That means evergreen shapes, snowdrops, aconites, ferns, hellebores, (the only flower that is flowering for three months). Clematis cirrhosa Balearic is all flowering on a wall that I am looking at. Anything that flowers in Winter is worth its weight in gold.

Salix irrorata

It took us a year to get the right thing, but this is beautiful

Acquaramine chair, Julia rose paeonie, in the paddock.
Aconites and snowdrops

Fern reflection on stone ball on steps to par terre

One thought on “A new Coronovirus year 2021

  1. Gina your blog does inspire especially in these cold brown months. I hope you are both well……it seems ages since we sat in your lovely garden last summer. I’m on my way out to plan my new borders and measure out for a new hedge.

    Keep warm. Love Sally x


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