6th MARCH, the days are getting longer.

Polly has cut back the whole of the garden with very little help from me. My whole psyche has improved, it always does in March, it is to do with the days getting longer. It is the darkness that I don’t like, and it has been bitterly cold this winter with snow and frost, and a biting wind. We have got used to mild winters and now it has all changed..I had a new idea from looking out of my bedroom window yesterday. James Aunt Ivie, now passed away, always said that you should look out of your bedroom window. I have a very pretty Cornus Mas aureus which is now flowering,. We have moved two Buxus aureus sempervirens Aurea marginata, spheres from the front garden next to the Cornus mas, and they pick up all the colours. At the moment all the garden is in shades of green, relying on the structure. There is a lot of lime green, which is pretty. The hellebores are still flowering, that makes three months, though they did not like the snow and frost much and it turned their flowers black.

In February I was delighted to receive through the post from the States a. Book by Carolyn Mullet called Adventures in Eden, with a cover shot of Broughton Grange by Clive Nichols, A par terre with undulating box with different coloured tulips in each section, It is a lovely book and I particularly liked Carolyns choice of the photos here, as they were very atmospheric, and taken quite a long time ago, also by Clive Nichols. I was pleased with what she wrote about me, one is not always. It is a special book and well worth having. In one of the pictures is a shot of a pink dictamnus (mine) why are they so difficult, I don’t have it any more.

A lime green golden colour is everywhere near the kitchen. It is Valerian phu aurea. A gift from Victoria Wakefield a long time ago. I did not like it to start with and now I love it. The white snowdrops look good against it, and when it flowers the flowers smell beautiful when you walk past them particularly in the evening. There is a lot to smell now, the sarcoccoca wafts everywhere, and I feel sorry for James that he has no sense of smell. Daffodils are opening out, and the little ones called Tête-à-tête . My Salix Irrorata bed is taking shape, and I am keeping the hellebores to white. Graham Gough. says he has three of them, I am pleased as he has brilliant taste!

Snowdrops and aconites

Par terre structure, phyllrea latifolia, mediaeval ridges at back

Daffodil tête-à-tête and valerian phu aurea

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