On Sunday we opened for UKRAINE, In the morning were our friends and family, quite a lot luckily. We had a lovely day and all the Malus were in full blossom. Malus Hupehensis on the left and Malus Transitoria in the paddock also flowering. Malus hupehensis is very tall and very white, and Malus transitoria is spreading, both equally beautiful. Personally I prefer Malus transitoria as it is a better shape and the ones at the back were still flowering. Because of the time of year the colours are very intense and the star of the show were 150 new tulips that we had planted in the main border, called Bleu Aimable. They are a kind of pink mauve, with if you look inside, a blue centre. New ones in the par terre are called Marmalade, and live up to their name. The tulips that flowered for the longest time are named Sanne, the first to flower and the last to go. We planted several species tulips but they will take a year or two to make a splash.

The two Magnolias in the paddock that got badly frosted have come back, but there goes another year. The doorbell went yesterday and I thought it was a neighbour who I had had a minor tiff with, but it was Bert who is the head of a.Dutch company that brings people to us. We had not seen him for two years due to Covid, He was coming to see what it looked like with his wife! No wonder he was having a look as gardens do not stand still. At the moment it is raining which we badly need as it does not seem to have rained for ages. Nicholas, my grandson came too, and he had got Paddington Bear and Mr Fox out on the bed. `I am rather pleased that he has not outgrown them already. My friend Jake came, and it is the second time that she has come to help and I feel very indebted to her. A couple of people came with their dogs, and I felt cross with James as Temba is quite mad and goes for dogs that are twice his size. He would not stand a chance, he is a mad little thing. Once we had a shitzu who lost the sight of his eye in a dog fight. I dont like other dogs in the garden for this main reason. Anyway it was a lovely day and a huge success and well worth all the hard work, that had particularly come from Polly.

Hopefully this dahlia is coming to the par terre this summer, HONKA FRAGILE
This is Malus Hupehensis in the Autumn, these berries an added bonus
What a difference an early morning shot makes, the Cornus alternifolia argentea leaning for the light, I like this picture
This is about to happen in the garden, as the head of the Dutch said to me what comes next?

3 thoughts on “11 MAY, 2022, OPENING FOR UKRAINE

  1. How disappointing to read that you opened a couple of days ago. Perhaps next time you might care to mention it a few days beforehand?

  2. Gina it looks amazing – as I knew it would be. Well done you, I was so sad not to be there
    Love Dizi

  3. Hi Gina,
    Another lovely post to enjoy. I would run out and buy a Malus but, sadly, they don’t do well here. We have to be content with Viburnums. My favorite (blooming now) is V. ‘Shasta’. It is a doublefile and I always think it needs a bride standing in front of it.

    Our best tulip was ‘Slawa’, The one I cared least for was ‘Desert Sun’. Hopefully, next year I will try T. ‘Marmalade’.

    Glad you had such a successful day and I hope Polly gets plenty of rest for a few days.

    My best wishes,

    Clara berger

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