Monday, 18th July, 2022

We are in the middle of a heatwave, which is unusual for England, it is 40 at the moment. On thursday we have a fashion shoot, the first ever here! We have just been to Mostyn, my family home, and the 2 acre wall garden looked so romantic filled with annuals, which people come to pick for themselves. Phil looks after the walled garden, and he is a policeman from Bala, James family home, which is called Rhiwlas. Kevin is the main gardener there and works harder than anyone I know. It was lovely just being there. Polly has kept this garden looking wonderful, I cant think how when we have had so many visitors. We have had a lot of garden clubs this year which is not so usual, and several Dutch and American groups. James has climbed up with the help of a ladder the tree trunk Quercus Cerris Variegata, as there was a huge piece of green variegation at the top. This takes over if you dont watch it. I felt a bit worried about this as if he had fallen down no-one would have heard him for a very long time.

The 2 acre walled garden at Mostyn, with annuals, antirrinhums, they have fires in the walls, and a dipping pond
The par terre with Dahlia Honka Fragile, and Pittisporum Golf Ball

One clematis has died, we are not just a success story! No reason for this, and it was called Polish Spirit, though clematis like water, and the rest of them seem alright. The lawn looks pretty terrible, but the plants seem to be standing up to the pressure, probably because it is a north facing garden. The Autumn border looks very lush and beautiful partly because we have very good soil down there. I am looking forward to it becoming a bit cooler. The Eryngium is Picos blue, which I think is the best mainly because of the deep blue stems, and the Kniphofia is Timothy.

One thought on “Monday, 18th July, 2022

  1. I am sad for you, Gina. We had been in a drought here for quite awhile with very high temperatures. The poor garden was drooping terribly. It’s impossible to get water everywhere. Finally, 48 hours of gentle rain and every plant looks happier (which makes me happier).

    Stay hydrated!

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