Storm Aileen, a week ago, 2 days clear up




Pettifers in the Autumn, 12th September, 2017

This has to be the best time of year for this garden.      There are so many flowering plants and the light is much kinder than the harsh hues of Summer.      While we have been away I dont think the weather was to Polly’s liking, but goodness everything here loved it.    She has clipped everything in the par terre, and looking particularly good are the buttresses.     It has taken me quite a long time to like Salvias, but when flowering in pots I am particularly find of them.     Nemesia Vanilla is lovely,  and when you turn a corner a great waft of vanilla greets you.     The Autumn Border is one of the stars,  and is now glowing with sections of yellow which picks it up.     We have planted Achillea Gold Plate, which will grow to its full height next year,  and Helianthus ‘Gullick’s variety’.     Verbena ‘Lavender Spires’ is waving around, and is much better than Verbena bonariensis.      Also it does not seed everywhere.   We have dead headed Helenium Sahins early flowerer, and it has been flowering for three months with a lot of flower left. 

    Polly and I have just been gazing at The Klimt border, it now seems to be all shades of pink.     We divided Aster Harrington Pink at the beginning of the season, and it has taken so well and become huge, only just starting to flower.     The huge Lonicera Maacki has been taken out with the help of a digger.     Apparently there were a lot of the Ash roots there, including some old bottles.     It makes the garden look a lot wider at that spot, and the blue greenhouse sets it all off.       A huge pigeon flew into the kitchen this morning.    I let out a cry, as I dont like birds in the house, particularly large ones!    Polly got it out needless to say.

Next week on Tuesday we have Clive’s photographic workshop.     Tensing has just arrived back with me after his big operation, poor little man, and his two back legs are shaved as if he is a poodle.    I have to keep him still, and not to jump up, for probably another month.   All the Sedums are flowering, and so far we dont have the rather revolting cobwebby disease.        Polly did spray earlier on this year.       I feel really happy to be home.